Stop Identity Theft Now!

Stop Identity Theft Now!

As I’m sure you know, identity theft in this day and age is a growing problem. But did you ever consider that the greatest threat to your identity might be you?

That’s right. When you choose to live your life in a past thought, you’re not here, now. You’re not experiencing the present moment, and the present moment is all there is and all you are.

Every time you choose a past thought you rob yourself of (your identity) the person you were meant to be in this present moment.

So how do I stop my own identity theft? Here’s an exercise, I call it the brb process. brb stands for be right back.

The brb process is as easy as 123.

1) Become conscious of your thoughts.
2) Recognize when you are having a past thought.
3) Begin again to focus on the present moment. Use all your senses fully and without judgment, or just do something right now.

Listen to a friend. See the beauty in the sky. Taste the sweetness in a muffin. Smell the coffee grounds. Hear the children laughing. Breathe deep into your lungs. Stand tall. Wiggle your toes. Kiss someone. Dance. Sing. Anything that makes you feel alive and present.

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What you want is right in front of you!

What you want is right in front of you!

I say this based on the following premise.

What you see in your mind, you will see in your world.

Here’s a fun and excellent example.

images.jpgI recently rented a car for the weekend. The rental company gave me an odd but cool-looking PT Cruiser.

When I got behind the wheel my senses went into overdrive. The smell, the sounds and the feel of this new car were so different.

In that newness, I paid greater attention to my driving and the controls, especially since I opted not to get the supplemental insurance.

While I only had the car a couple days, it forever changed my perspective. Since renting the car, I have seen more PT Cruiser’s on the road than I could ever have imagined. They are everywhere. I noticed ten in one day. I even noticed other cars that looked similar.

I was not actively looking for PT Cruisers on the road, that’s not what I do with my spare time, but they appeared, nonetheless, everywhere.

Nothing changed in my world, except my awareness of this car. Once my awareness changed, so did my ability to see this car in my world.

I know what your thinking. “So What!” or “Nice trick!”

But I’ll ask this. What if you consciously placed positive thoughts, words, deeds, and objects in your mind? What do you think would happen?
You would begin to see those positive thoughts, words, deeds and objects appear in your life.

Knowing what you know now, try bringing into your life what you want!

  1. Close your eyes and imagine what you want in life.
  2. See yourself being, doing and having what you want with great positive emotion.
  3. Open your eyes and give yourself permission to see and receive what you want.

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Absolute Positivity Journaling

Journaling 103 – Absolute Positivity Journaling – Stage 3

The goal today is to introduce you to Positivity Journaling.

Before you begin, write in the inside cover of your new Positivity Journal the following:

These are the things…
I am grateful for.
I appreciate.
I am thankful for.
I love.
I like.
I imagine.
I respect.
I adore.
I aspire to.
I dream of.
I visualize.
I wish for.

I look forward to.
I think are wonderful and positive.
(Feel free to add or alter this list!)

1) Pick a time and a place where you can sit and not be distracted for 10-30 minutes.

2) Get quiet, close your eyes and breath, letting go of all the resistance in your body.

2) Now open your journal to the inside cover and read “These are the things…” a couple times.

3) Begin to write with your first impulse. You don’t have to rush. Let it come to you. It will. Just sit still and listen to your heart. If nothing comes, fine. Thirty minutes of silence is a wonderful thing. If you get inspired and can’t stop writing, don’t stop.

4)You can write on one thing for the entire period of time or a dozen. It doesn’t have to be profound or grammatically correct. There are no rules. Simply align with your positive intention and have fun.

5) Should a negative feeling come up, simply recognize it, and say to yourself “NEW THOUGHT” and move on.

6) When your time is up, STOP. Close the book and thank yourself for allowing yourself the time for this positive experience.

7) Do this type of journaling on a daily basis. Feel free to look back and read from your positivity journal whenever you feel the desire.

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Raise your thoughts the NEXT LEVEL!

Growing up a helpless romantic, I had my heart broken quite a few times. But one wonderful thing that came out of all of that was my mother’s sage advice.

Her advice was to say the word, “NEXT” whenever this happened and think of something else, or BETTER YET someone else, like a director asking an actor to leave the stage so that another could audition for the leading role. It wasn’t a cure-all for what ailed me but it helped me realize I could choose what I wanted to focus on.

I’m sure most of you are beyond the puppy-love stage in your life. I know I am. But I still use this little trick to snap me out of negative thoughts that I now know I create.
Every time you feel a negative thought entering your mind, do the following:

1. Recognize you are creating this negative thought.
2. Know you can choose a positive thought.
3. Say or think to your self “NEXT”, “NEW THOUGHT” or “BETTER YET.”
4. Now choose that positive thought.
5. If your new thought makes you feel better, STOP.
6. If it doesn’t, continue the “NEXT/NEW THOUGHT” process until you do.

“Do this exercise enough and the word NEXT will become your next best friend.” – Kristy Fong

*You can use any word or words for this exercise. You can even use an action. I often tap my fingers on something. When I work with improv actors I use the term “NEW CHOICE”, with intellectuals “NEW THOUGHT”, with the military “MOVE OUT.” My personal favorite has been “BETTER YET.” When I need a real kick in the pants, I command myself to,“SNAP OUT OF IT, ROB!”

Sometimes a negative thought can be felt before it has a real good hold on you, that’s when you can nip it in the bud and immediately say, “NOT THIS TIME!”

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber
Special thanks to Kristy and Kelly Fong

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Shrink your problems NOW!

Here’s a simple exercise I like to use with some of my clients to help them put their problems in perspective.

Shrink your Problems using Microsoft Word.

(Note: I am using a Mac version, but I’m sure the PC version is similar.)

1. Open up a new blank document in Microsoft Word.
2. Click on the Formatting Button.
3. Go to the Font Section and click in the size button and choose 72.
4. Now Click on the B button to Bold everything you type.
5. Press the Caps Lock button.
6. Type out in a sentence what is bothering you.
7. Print it out on white paper.

Now for the fun part!

8. Go back to the computer and highlight the same sentence.
9. Now click inside the size box and hit the delete key.
10. After hitting the delete key, enter the number 1 and press enter
11. Watch your problem shrink before your eyes.
12. Print it out.

Working under these two assumptions:
1. The white paper represents you and everything good in your life.
2. The sentence represents your perceived problem.

Now compare the two. The first printout is how you are currently looking at your perceived problem and the power you are giving it over you and the second printout shows the reality of how small your perceived problem is to the rest of your wonderful life, that being the white part.

Notice how small your problem has become. It’s not even readable. It has no affect on you when you look at it.

Pin up (the second printout) your small problem for a day or two and recognize you are so much more than this problem.

If you meditate, meditate on the whiteness of the paper and see the whiteness overcome the problem. Your problem will dissappear right before your eyes.

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How to get what you want faster! Newton’s Second Law

How to get what you want faster!

Apply Newton’s Second Law!

Newton’s Second Law states that the acceleration of an object, is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.

In iwicty English, it states that the increase in speed (A) toward what you want in life is equal to the power of your positive thoughts (P) over your negative thoughts (N).

For those of you that like formulas, it would read like this: A = P/N

As you can see, to get your life moving in the right direction. You must create and apply a positive thinking force that is greater than you negative thinking force.

The greater the positive force over the negative force, the faster you will arrive at your heart’s desire.

So, fill your heart, mind and soul with what you truly want! Imagine it in great detail.

Feel the wonderful feelings you associate with having what it is you want.

Know that you are moving toward your goal with each positive thought.

Write down in detail what you want and all the wonderful things that can come from moving toward and possessing that which you want in your life.

Go back to your journal and read all the positive things you’ve written and add too it when you feel the need.

Dominate your world with positive thoughts, words and deeds and nothing will stop you.

An IWICTY may help some of you release those things that you just can’t shake. By facing it and intentionally sending it away from you, you may release the power it has had over you so you can begin again in the present moment.

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Your New Year’s Presolution!

Your New Year’s Presolution!

What’s this? A presolution, that’s not a word! Well, either was truthiness until this year, thanks to Stephen Colbert, or boodilicious, thanks to Beyonce.

So here it goes. Maybe it’ll stick.

Presolution (rhymes with resolution)
Noun: 1) a decision or commitment to do something based solely on the positive aspects of the doing and intended result.
Ted kept his presolution to eat healthier and workout more by imagining with passion and great detail the health and body he wanted.

Presolve (rhymes with resolve)
Verb: to decide on or commit to a positive course of action
Ted presolved to eat only organic foods.

Since you attract into your life what you think about, it is critical to focus on the positive aspects of what you resolve to do, rather than the negative aspects.

So thoughtfully consider that which you want in the new year. Get quiet and imagine in great detail what you want and then fill your heart, mind and soul with all the positive aspects of having, doing and/or being that which you want. Repeat this every chance your get and prepare for an amazing new year.

Happy New Year!

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