Become a Permanent Tourist!

“If you’re not having the time of your life, whose time are you having?”

A buddy of mine, who felt he needed a vacation, went on a trip for four days. When he got back, he told me he had the time of his life and felt like a whole new person. A week later, he was back to his “poor me” self.

So I ask you this question. What changed?

My friend had. On his vacation he decided to have a good time and experience life to the fullest.

Oxford American Dictionaries defines a tourist as “a person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure.” That’s what my friend was – a person, traveling and seeking pleasure.

Now, let me ask you a second question. Aren’t we all people, traveling from here to there every day, desiring pleasure in our lives? YES! Then wouldn’t that make us all tourists all of the time? YES! And being tourists all of the time, shouldn’t we be seeking (allowing) pleasure all of the time? YES!

So, today, I have the great honor of declaring this and every day, Permanent Tourist’s Day, to be celebrated by you and everyone you know.

Permanent Tourist’s Day is celebrated by the following:

1) Intend on having a good time.
2) Desire to experience new things.
3) Be optimistically ready for anything.
4) Live in the positively present moment.

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber   i wish i could tell you

Leverage the Power of Your Passwords!

If you’re like me, you’ve accumulated several different passwords over the years, and without much effort on your part, they have done their job. They’ve granted you access and kept others out.

Unfortunately most passwords are pastwords, uninspiring words that no longer represent who you are or what you want. They only serve one purpose, to grant you access.

Today, I would like to call an end to pastwords and a begin a movement toward powerwords, passwords that grant you access and represent the greatest vision of who you are and/or what you want in life.

Instead of typing some meaningless words, create words that represent something you would like to feel, see, be, do or have.

Here are few powerwords off the top of my head:

Iamhealthy, Iamluv, abundanceismine, wer1, Iamunstoppable, Ilovehybrids, Ihavea6pack, Iamgr8ful, Moneycomeseasy, Mylifeisperfect, Alliseeisbeauty,
Topsalesman, 2xOscarwinner, Ihaveitall, iamthecure, Ifeelpeace, 100million

After some time, your little powerwords will find their way into your everyday life and reaffirm their power and possibly manifest themselves into your life.

Try it. You’ll like it. Have fun, choose wisely and stay powerful!

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber   i wish i could tell you

Grow on Your Growth!

“A tree doesn’t start over from a seed everyday and neither should you.”

YOU are your greatest asset, and being an asset, YOU too can apply the power of compound interest to your personal growth.

Compound Interest is growth on principle that is reinvested with the original principle to earn additional growth.

If you wish to grow faster, simply apply this same process to your life.

1) Start where you are now.
2) Grow in the direction you wish to grow.

3) Based on the person you’ve now become, grow again in the direction you desire.
4) REPEAT #3 and never stop.

What you’re doing is leveraging your growth to grow more. You’re not living in the past. You are not reinventing the wheel. You are growing on growth.

Maybe Gordon Gecko meant to say… “Growth is good.”

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber   i wish i could tell you