Show Your Support

I’m often asked by my readers, “How can I help?”

I usually reply, “Tell everyone!”

Here’s a few more ways you can show your support.

1.Click on the titles you really enjoy. This allows me to measure the effectiveness of each blog, so that I can tailor the blog to your needs.

2.Comment on the post. I may not be able to respond to every comment but I do appreciate any and all feedback.

3.Share this blog and its post in a non-commercial way with those you love.

4.If you haven’t already subscribed, subscribe for free by feed or email.

5.If commenting is too daunting, you can email me at I may not be able to respond but appreciate the feedback.

6.If you know of any non-commercial blogs out there that have similar intentions, feel free to direct me to them, so that I may add them to my blogroll.

7.Bookmark me. For those of you that use social bookmarks, please do so.

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber Co-Active Life and Wisdom Coach i wish i could tell you

8 responses to “Show Your Support

  1. So before I even finished reading I was envisioning that the parking lot was a bunch of other people going to visit their grandmother’s….and I thought what a loving thing to sacrifice by spending time in traffic so that you could show loved ones how much you care. You are wonderful 🙂

  2. i wish i could keep her but I can’t at this time. i do believe the universe did sent her to me. her presence in my life if but only for a moment was truly a gift. I believe we found a home for her and I am so very happy with where she is at.

    • I just stumbled onto this website. It’s 2014 and I don’t see anything from the past couple years. It seems like you’ve fallen off the planet or perhaps been abducted by aliens. Now that’s probably not as funny as I meant it to be but, seriously, I’m concerned for you. You’ve said so many life positive, potentially life altering things. Evil forces otherwise known as obstacles, nay sayers, bad folks or situations, happen to everyone. It happens more to folks who walk and teach a positive message. This is an attempt to shut it down. If light can be darkened then those in the dark have no light to guide them out. I’m glad I found your site and I hope you are well, friend.

  3. I found your article about 90/90 tonight while I was searching for some answers, and have since read several posts – thanks for leaving them public so many years after you stopped writing. THank you so much!

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