How to get what you want faster! Newton’s Second Law

How to get what you want faster!

Apply Newton’s Second Law!

Newton’s Second Law states that the acceleration of an object, is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.

In iwicty English, it states that the increase in speed (A) toward what you want in life is equal to the power of your positive thoughts (P) over your negative thoughts (N).

For those of you that like formulas, it would read like this: A = P/N

As you can see, to get your life moving in the right direction. You must create and apply a positive thinking force that is greater than you negative thinking force.

The greater the positive force over the negative force, the faster you will arrive at your heart’s desire.

So, fill your heart, mind and soul with what you truly want! Imagine it in great detail.

Feel the wonderful feelings you associate with having what it is you want.

Know that you are moving toward your goal with each positive thought.

Write down in detail what you want and all the wonderful things that can come from moving toward and possessing that which you want in your life.

Go back to your journal and read all the positive things you’ve written and add too it when you feel the need.

Dominate your world with positive thoughts, words and deeds and nothing will stop you.

An IWICTY may help some of you release those things that you just can’t shake. By facing it and intentionally sending it away from you, you may release the power it has had over you so you can begin again in the present moment.

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Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber

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