Stop Identity Theft Now!

Stop Identity Theft Now!

As I’m sure you know, identity theft in this day and age is a growing problem. But did you ever consider that the greatest threat to your identity might be you?

That’s right. When you choose to live your life in a past thought, you’re not here, now. You’re not experiencing the present moment, and the present moment is all there is and all you are.

Every time you choose a past thought you rob yourself of (your identity) the person you were meant to be in this present moment.

So how do I stop my own identity theft? Here’s an exercise, I call it the brb process. brb stands for be right back.

The brb process is as easy as 123.

1) Become conscious of your thoughts.
2) Recognize when you are having a past thought.
3) Begin again to focus on the present moment. Use all your senses fully and without judgment, or just do something right now.

Listen to a friend. See the beauty in the sky. Taste the sweetness in a muffin. Smell the coffee grounds. Hear the children laughing. Breathe deep into your lungs. Stand tall. Wiggle your toes. Kiss someone. Dance. Sing. Anything that makes you feel alive and present.

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber   i wish i could tell you


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