Shrink your problems NOW!

Here’s a simple exercise I like to use with some of my clients to help them put their problems in perspective.

Shrink your Problems using Microsoft Word.

(Note: I am using a Mac version, but I’m sure the PC version is similar.)

1. Open up a new blank document in Microsoft Word.
2. Click on the Formatting Button.
3. Go to the Font Section and click in the size button and choose 72.
4. Now Click on the B button to Bold everything you type.
5. Press the Caps Lock button.
6. Type out in a sentence what is bothering you.
7. Print it out on white paper.

Now for the fun part!

8. Go back to the computer and highlight the same sentence.
9. Now click inside the size box and hit the delete key.
10. After hitting the delete key, enter the number 1 and press enter
11. Watch your problem shrink before your eyes.
12. Print it out.

Working under these two assumptions:
1. The white paper represents you and everything good in your life.
2. The sentence represents your perceived problem.

Now compare the two. The first printout is how you are currently looking at your perceived problem and the power you are giving it over you and the second printout shows the reality of how small your perceived problem is to the rest of your wonderful life, that being the white part.

Notice how small your problem has become. It’s not even readable. It has no affect on you when you look at it.

Pin up (the second printout) your small problem for a day or two and recognize you are so much more than this problem.

If you meditate, meditate on the whiteness of the paper and see the whiteness overcome the problem. Your problem will dissappear right before your eyes.

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Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber


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