Absolute Positivity Journaling

Journaling 103 – Absolute Positivity Journaling – Stage 3

The goal today is to introduce you to Positivity Journaling.

Before you begin, write in the inside cover of your new Positivity Journal the following:

These are the things…
I am grateful for.
I appreciate.
I am thankful for.
I love.
I like.
I imagine.
I respect.
I adore.
I aspire to.
I dream of.
I visualize.
I wish for.

I look forward to.
I think are wonderful and positive.
(Feel free to add or alter this list!)

1) Pick a time and a place where you can sit and not be distracted for 10-30 minutes.

2) Get quiet, close your eyes and breath, letting go of all the resistance in your body.

2) Now open your journal to the inside cover and read “These are the things…” a couple times.

3) Begin to write with your first impulse. You don’t have to rush. Let it come to you. It will. Just sit still and listen to your heart. If nothing comes, fine. Thirty minutes of silence is a wonderful thing. If you get inspired and can’t stop writing, don’t stop.

4)You can write on one thing for the entire period of time or a dozen. It doesn’t have to be profound or grammatically correct. There are no rules. Simply align with your positive intention and have fun.

5) Should a negative feeling come up, simply recognize it, and say to yourself “NEW THOUGHT” and move on.

6) When your time is up, STOP. Close the book and thank yourself for allowing yourself the time for this positive experience.

7) Do this type of journaling on a daily basis. Feel free to look back and read from your positivity journal whenever you feel the desire.

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber  iwishicouldtellyou.com   i wish i could tell you


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