Your New Year’s Presolution!

Your New Year’s Presolution!

What’s this? A presolution, that’s not a word! Well, either was truthiness until this year, thanks to Stephen Colbert, or boodilicious, thanks to Beyonce.

So here it goes. Maybe it’ll stick.

Presolution (rhymes with resolution)
Noun: 1) a decision or commitment to do something based solely on the positive aspects of the doing and intended result.
Ted kept his presolution to eat healthier and workout more by imagining with passion and great detail the health and body he wanted.

Presolve (rhymes with resolve)
Verb: to decide on or commit to a positive course of action
Ted presolved to eat only organic foods.

Since you attract into your life what you think about, it is critical to focus on the positive aspects of what you resolve to do, rather than the negative aspects.

So thoughtfully consider that which you want in the new year. Get quiet and imagine in great detail what you want and then fill your heart, mind and soul with all the positive aspects of having, doing and/or being that which you want. Repeat this every chance your get and prepare for an amazing new year.

Happy New Year!

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber


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