Love Without Reason

IMG_1535One of my earliest memories of unconditional love occurred in the spring of 1975. I was six. My four sisters and I were huddled around the television in the family room watching Saturday morning cartoons when my father poked his head in and said with a big smile on his face, “Turn the TV off and come into the living room. Your mom’s got a surprise for you.”

Hearing the word surprise, we all jumped up and ran into the living room. But as we turned the corner, we were stopped in our tracks by the sight of our mother sitting in a chair at the other end of the room with a stack of beautifully wrapped presents at her feet.

Frozen and fixed on our mother’s every move, we waited in anticipation for what would come next. Without any delay or explanation, she proceeded to call out all our names, oldest to youngest, and presented us each with a gift.

When my name was called, I ran to my mother’s side, thanked her for the gift and plopped down on the floor right in front of her. To my delight, I found something I had always wanted, a collection of plastic dinosaurs, caves and cavemen.

Consumed by my gift, I was a bit oblivious to what my sisters received. But what I wasn’t oblivious to was the fact that it wasn’t a holiday, someone’s birthday or special occasion. It was just an ordinary day. Curious to the reason for our gifts, I went to my mother and asked, “Mom, I really like my present. I really do, more than anything, but I was wondering. Why did I get a present today? It’s not like it’s my birthday or anything like that?”

She smiled a smile only a loving mother could smile and playfully replied, “Just because.”

My curiosity not satisfied, I asked, “Because of what?”

“No reason. No reason at all. Just because.” She said with that same smile.

“You mean you gave us all presents just because, for no reason at all?” I asked.

“That’s right.” She replied with joy. “Now go and play with your dinosaurs.”

And play I did well into the night.

As I laid in bed that night with a dinosaur in each hand, thinking about this extraordinary day, I couldn’t help but come to the realization that it was possible for me, a six-year old boy, to love and be loved “just because,” for “no reason at all.”

Now as a man, deeply and positively affected by my early childhood revelation, I have come to the conclusion through much trial and error that it is not only possible to love without reason, but it is, in fact, the only way to love.

Rob Gruber

Life Mastery Coach

Copyright 2009

15 responses to “Love Without Reason

  1. Hi Rob –

    What an awesome memory! I Love to Love for no reason! I am already thinking of the many ways I can show my daughters unconditional Love in surprising ways!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Tamara,

    Don’t forget to love YOURSELF as well for absolutely no reason at all! The more you love yourself the more you are able to love everything else, especially those wonderful daughters of yours!

    Thank you for your support as well!


  3. Hi Friend! Loved this…I have been having the experience of loving for no reason at all frequently, recently. ha. And I am learning to apply that love to myself!

    what a lovely person your mom must’ve been!


  4. what a beautiful memory; to now have the beauty of carrying on the legacy of loving, “just because”. You are right, it really is the only way to live our lives………..thanks for this- it really strikes a chord with me today!

  5. Thanks Vanessa,

    I can’t take credit for being right on this one. While it was taught to me at such a young, it still took me most of my life to truly understand it. but yes, it is the only way to love.

    Thank you for your kind words and support and thank you for your blog. You truly are inspiring.


  6. Greetings from Singapore Rob and thank you for a wonderful piece and yes, sometimes I send out pressies to my friends just because and I need not wait for any special occasion.

    I have enjoyed this post and what a great childhood indeed.

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