Live by a Greater How!

At the wide-eyed age of twenty, well before the Internet and armed with only a telephone book and rotary phone, I purchased my first airline ticket to fly across the country to begin interviewing for jobs after college.

Never having bought a plane ticket, I wrote down everything I thought I could possibly say or be asked.  Just when I thought I had it all under control, the young lady on the other end of the line asked me the one question I had never thought of.  “How would I like to fly?”

“I’m sorry.” I replied. “I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Would you like to fly first class or coach?” She clarified.

“Oh! I didn’t even know I had a choice.  What’s the difference?” I asked.

As she explained the seating options and the price difference for each class, the decision was quite easy for a young college student on a budget.  I chose coach.

As I hung up the phone, pleased with my first ticket buying experience, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a greater unanswered how.  That “Greater How” was the manner, quality, state or way I could choose to be and experience myself as I traveled.

Considering the “Greater How,” I opened my journal and wrote at the top of the page, “How would I like to travel?”  Within seconds, I wrote down the words effortlessly and joyfully, then comfortably and playfully.  Gratitude, appreciation and enthusiasm soon followed, along with wonder and curiosity.  Last but not least, I wrote safely.

On the day of my flight, with my “Greater How” asked and answered, I packed a few of my favorite snacks, a good book, a neck pillow, sleep mask and a couple compilations tapes for my cassette player.  Settling into my window seat, I knew I was flying in a class all my own.


How would you like to travel through your life?  How would you like to experience yourself as you go about your life?  Could you consider the possibility that you can choose how you wish to experience life?

Copyright 2009 Rob Gruber

Present Life Mastery Coach

12 responses to “Live by a Greater How!

  1. Hi Rob –

    What perfect timing! Our “Greater How” right now is how do we want to move across the country with three beautiful girls and a dog. Our first class will include joy, ease, safety, exploration, gratitude and lots of laughter!

    Thanks again for the gift of your life and your wisdom!



  2. Tamara aka Super-Mom,

    Sending you all my love as you travel across the country, literally, with joy, ease, safety, exploration, gratitude and lots of laughter.

    I wish I could go with you! I know you are gonna have a great time!


  3. Whenever I visit here I feel like I have just received an invaluable gift and tonight is no different.

    “How would you like to travel through your life?” I would like that everyone I crossed paths with gained something positive from it.

    “How would you like to experience yourself as you go about your life?” Loving, caring and non judgmental

    “Could you consider the possibility that you can choose how you wish to experience life?” Not only could I consider the possibility I belive it. I just sometimes forget that I believe it!

    With love and gratitude

  4. J,

    I am humbled by your kind words and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Thank you for being such a bright light of positive energy in my life.

    I am truly grateful.

    -Rob Gruber

  5. Hi Rob, I’ve read your blog a few times and have now added you to my blogroll. My name is also Robert and I am a retired human that is blogging with photos and a blend of philosophic and Jungian psychology reflection. It is an interesting blend, life coach and photographer ( visited your myspace pages). I used to be s school principal and teacher and sport coach (soccer, hockey, golf, baseball, middle distance running and race walking) and part-time psychotherapist. Now, I am simply just being me and that is enough. I will be back.

  6. Hi Rob,

    I just wanted to check in as I am missing your writing.
    I hope all is well and look forward to hopefully seeing you back soon.

    Bless you

  7. Hey J,

    Thanks for checking in and sharing with me that you are missing my writing. Your words are much appreciated.

    All is well and I look forward to writing again soon.

    with much gratitude,

  8. Thanks Chris,

    Choice is everything. We are choosing all the time. One of the most important choices one can make is to choose ones attitude in any given situation.

    Thanks for choosing to stop by,

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