The Frequency of Love

While waiting for a friend in the arrival area of the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, I noticed a young Korean woman pulling a large cart of luggage.  As she passed customs, she found an empty seat right across from me.

Just before she was about to sit, she pulled out from one of her bags the most adorable, fluffy, brown poodle that licked her profusely as she lovingly spoke to it in Korean.

As she sat down, she placed her little dog on the ground and opened a magazine.  Completely taken by this magnificent creature, I leaned over, reached out my hand and attempted to call it over to me.  Instead of rushing over, he just cocked his head and looked at me as if I were speaking another language.

Then it dawned on me that I was speaking English and he understood Korean.   Wanting to connect to this little bundle of joy, I dug deep into my memory for the few Korean words I learned years ago living in New York City and asked it to come, but still nothing.

Its owner, hearing me speak Korean, looked up from her magazine, smiled and politely complemented me on my Korean.  She explained that Louis was shy and didn’t usually respond well to strangers.

As we both continued to wait for our respective parties, it occurred to me that perhaps it wasn’t Korean that Louis was responded to.  Perhaps it was the love he felt coming from his owner.  And if that were true, I asked myself,  “Would Louis respond simply to my love?”

To test my hypothesis, I closed my eyes and focused on the most loving thing I could think of.  As I held that thought, I began to feel my love grow.  When I felt I could no longer contain my own love, I imagined sending all that love to Louis.

When I opened my eyes, I no longer felt the need for him to come to me.  I felt only love.   Ironically, it was at that very moment he walked right over to me. I reached down and he began licking my hand like we were the best of friends.

Witnessing this, the young woman exclaimed, “Wow!  How did you do that?”

I smiled and said, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Please,” she said. “I’ve never seen him do this before.”

“I imagined something I love with all my heart and when my heart was full, I imagined sending all of that love to him.” I replied.

“I see.  That’s good.”   She replied, “That makes sense.  He’s a rescue dog and he responds best to love.”

“As I imagine we all do.” I replied.

Copyright 2009 Rob Gruber

Present Life Mastery Coach

10 responses to “The Frequency of Love

  1. Wow! What a great story to truly anchor the idea that love isn’t about doing…..or proximity! We truly hold an unlimited supply of the best gift we can give!

    I know what I’m sending my mother in many forms this Mother’s Day!

    Thanks Rob.



  2. One of these posts always seems to come along just when I need it the most. Thank you for recognizing these moments, for seeing them with the love you are and for sharing them with us.

    ps. if you’re writing a book, i’m buying it!


  3. Thank you Sandra,

    Your comment came along just when I needed it most! Thank you for recognizing that moment as well!

    I am so very grateful to you for the love you are and your courage to share it with the world!

    With love,
    Rob Gruber

  4. I absolutely adore this story! It has put such a big smile on my face and i am grateful to you for sharing it.

    A good 10 years ago before I started my own little journey I remember being in a doctors waiting room with my girlfriend at the time and sat across from us was a mother with a little boy of around 4 who seemed to be in pain and she could not find a way of comforting him. To this day I have no idea what I did or if I even did anything but after a little while he calmed down and smiled at me to the amazement of his mother. She looked at me and said that this was the first time she had seen him smile for at least 2 weeks!

    I have never thought of that day until I read your story!
    Thank you

    With love


  5. Thank you J for sharing your story.

    The more we become aware of the power of love, the more we will live our lives from the love that we are.

    Imagine if we all sent love to each other, even our perceived enemies, each and every moment of our lives. What would the world be like be then?

    Sending love to you for your courage to share,
    Rob Gruber

  6. Thanks Lauren,

    As you are as well. I love your music. Good Stuff. Keep it up. You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

    Keep me posted to when you tour through LA.

    -Rob Gruber

    • Rob,

      Thanks for the support. 🙂 I’m glad you have a new post. I already viewed the birds as mine, but I should probably apply that same attitude to the possums and raccoons! 🙂 Take care!

  7. Lauren,

    Thanks for checking out my new post.

    You don’t have to stop at nature. The notes you play and the words you sing can create a much greater community. You could look at them as “ours” since it was meant to be heard by all.


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