Happily Ever ??????

If I were to ask you to finish these three phrases, what would you answer?

“Once upon a __________”

“In a land, _____,__________”

“And they lived happily ever __________”

If you answered time, far, far away, and after, you’re not alone, in fact, you’re part of a large group I like to call everybody.

Now how is that possible?

As children, we were all introduced to the wonderful world of Fairy Tales. Tales so wondrous in nature, they were told to us over and over again without ever getting old.

While each tale was uniquely different, we began to notice a pattern.  Most of the Tales began, “Once upon a time, in a land far, far away land.”  Then, usually something bad happened to someone good and something needed to be done to fix it. After, and only after, something was done could they then live then “Happily Ever After.”

Over time and through repetition of this pattern, we all began to form a similar paradigm or mental model of “The Classic Fairy Tale.”  The more we experienced this pattern the more powerful our paradigm became. So powerful, in fact, we all answered, “time,” “far, far away,” and “after” without any other reference to The Classic Fairy Tale.

It as if we all have a similar program running in our heads that says, whenever asked, “What comes after “Once upon a…?” We will answer “time,” without thinking.

On an unconscious level, through the mere act of living, observing our world and noticing patterns, we form paradigms that affect how we respond to events in the future.

If the simple structure of the Classic Fairy Tale can find a permanent place in our minds, affecting how we respond, imagine how many more paradigms we have running through our minds and influencing our everyday lives.

Copyright Rob Gruber @ 2009

Present Life Mastery Coach

10 responses to “Happily Ever ??????

  1. I’m have never relized that before. Wow, that just really an eye opener for me. Just to think that in our daliy lives we are influenced by things we learned when we were kids. You surprise me again Mr.Gruber. Very lovly job. 🙂

  2. Hi Rob –

    This is a great insight! It invites me to consider what other “template” I can consciously reinforce with my children and myself. I know one of ours is Live Love Now. I am truly intrigued and motivated to consider what other foundational programs are “running” me and what programs I want to live and reinforce with others!

    Thanks for another gift of insight!



  3. Thanks for your comment Tamara.

    One way to find out what is running you is to simply begin observing your thoughts. After a while, you may notice a pattern. That pattern may be very revealing.


  4. Very well done! This is a great illustration of how we form our paradigms and how through awareness we can make the shift in our thoughts and created new neuro connections.

  5. this was great! really made me think….

    I’m loving your blog!! I’m new in this whole blogging comunity. Please check out mine, if you have a chance.

  6. Dear momentlover,

    Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you like what you’ve read so far. Please feel free to delve into my earlier work. And please tell everyone that might be interested.

    I will definitely checkout your blog at momentlover.wordpress.com.

    Rob Gruber

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