If I were Love…Imagine, Ask and Be

Searching for my keys as I was running late for a red-eye flight home to see my mother before her surgery, I did something I had never done before.  Instead of panicking and asking, “Where are my keys?” over and over again until I turned my home upside down,  I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and asked, “If I were my keys where would I be?”

As I opened my eyes, I was immediately drawn to a piece of luggage I had already checked twice before.  But this time, without hesitation, I reached into my bag and pulled out my keys as if I actually knew where they were the whole time, just in time to catch my flight.

Settling in for my flight, I couldn’t help but think about the powerful connection I had felt to my keys.  But as the flight progressed, I began to wonder what else I could possibly connect to.  In my wondering, I thought about everything I ever loved.  But to my surprise, the only thing that stuck out in my mind was not a “thing” at all, but rather love itself.

So, in the early morning hours, cruising at about 30,000 feet, surrounded by a sea of slumbering souls, I closed my eyes, imagined and asked, “If I were Love, where would I be?”

With my eyes still closed and my right hand on my chest, I felt my heart burst open and reply, “Here…Here I am…I am Here…I am Love!”

Being Love, I asked and answered.
“How shall I love?  Unconditionally.
When shall I love? Now. The only time that is.
Who would I love?  Myself, everyone and everything that is.
Why would I love? Because Love is all I am and Love is all there is.”

And as the plane made its descent, I opened my eyes to a brand new world.  A world filled with Love.  A world filled with You.

Copyright 2008 Rob Gruber Present Life Mastery Coach


20 responses to “If I were Love…Imagine, Ask and Be

  1. Rob Gruber! I meant to tell you I had discovered this site over the weekend. Alas, I am to type instead. You are to imagine big smiles and grand gestures when you read the following:

    This site is a gift to all who read it! Thank you so much for sharing your being with cyberspace. The Love Matrix needs you.


  2. Hey Rob! Your story above regarding your keys is very encouraging. I enjoyed reading about your process with it all and with your mother. Also, I liked the Aug. 13th post exercise on imagining yourself being love or giving yourself a gift of love. This was exactly what I experienced in the vision I had of myself stepping outside my body and being a neutral observer, then purely loving myself, sending myself love. You have fabulous teaching gifts and I’m so happy you are sharing your knowledge with others. Love you Rob!

  3. You really are a gift to this world.

    Having read this I am filled with love for you, me, everything and everyone. I can’t think of a better way of ending the day.

    With love and gratitude


  4. And here I am saying thank you/ me for this space of love manifested in words, found within me.

    Isn’t it wonderful that we have ALL the answers, if we just dare to ask the questions?

    The keys are never lost and the doors are never closed and the source is never ending.

    ( My smile is aching up my cheeks in this moment )



  5. Thanks Helen,

    For your words of wisdom and your courage to express them.

    And thank you for your blog which is ever so inspirational!

    If you haven’t heard the song “The door is Open” by a band called Hiroshima I highly recommend it.

    with love,

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