Leverage Your Strengths

A few years back, I fell and injured my lower back. After a year of traditonal medicine, I was told there was little else they could do to aid my recovery.

On my final visit, still in great pain, my doctor offered me one last glimmer of hope by saying, “You know, there have been a few recent studies that have shown significant improvement in patients that worked soley on strengthening the muscles around the injury that were strong, leaving the injured area completely alone, allowing it to heal in it’s own good time.”

Long story short, I followed his advice, focusing on solely on strengthening those muscles which were strong and surrounded the injury, and within a short period of time, I was able to significnatly increase the strength of my back and reduce my pain and suffering. Three years later, I can honestly say I am stronger now than I’ve ever been and am living a pain-free life.

Could this be the beginning of a new paradigm for healing and growth?

Could we as a society learn to grow and/or heal ourselves by focusing on, nurturing and leveraging those areas of our mind and body that are already strong?

An inquiry.

What strengths could you focus on, nurture and leverage today to begin living the life you’ve always wanted?

Copyright 208 Rob Gruber

5 responses to “Leverage Your Strengths

  1. Interesting concept… we can put our strengths aside and grow from our weaknesses…

    I have to contemplate this… for here is a genius suggestion..

    as always Rob… 😀

  2. actually I am suggesting that we focus on growing our strengths, putting our weaknesses aside allowing more overall growth,

    too often I find we focus on our weaknesses in life, leaving us feeling helpless and meeting with great resistnace. What if we could leverage that which is working well to aid that which is not, that is what I am suggesting here

  3. what if we strengthen our weaknesses? what if we grow? maybe?

    I love your suggestion… after reading this I began to contemplate my weaknesses… fortify them and make myself stronger… so in turn Rob… I want to thank you for two insights…

  4. It is amazing how when we shift our focus that things change. We too often focus on the pain instead of what we want and of course we get more of what we focus on and yet we are surprised. Thanks for sharing.

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