Expansion – A Present Moment Exercise and Game

Expansion is a present moment exercise in the form of a single-player game where you, the player, cannot lose!

Working off the premise that what you focus on expands, the object of the game is to reside in the present as much as possible by increasing your awareness of it.

The Rules.

1. Begin by creating a strip of three connected boxes labeled Past, Present and Future respectively. (As shown below.)

2. Throughout your day, on the hour or half-hour and whenever you feel a shift of awareness, record where you just were in that moment by placing a check in the box it applies to.

3. At the end of the day tally up your scores.

4. Divide the total number of check marks in each section with the total of check marks for the three sections combined to get a percentage score for each box.

5. Adjust the size of your boxes in length according to their percentages for the next day. For those of you who are into graphs, your favorite spreadsheet program’s graphs can be a fun way to do this.  (At first, your present moment box may be quite small. That is perfectly natural and expected, being present is not something most of us consciously aspire to be, but once become aware the power of your present moments your score will significantly increase.)

6. The goal, of course, is to increase your present moment score each time you play.


Supplemental Exercises

1. Journal what you are discovering about being present.

2. Visualize, each morning,  your “present” section expanding and becoming a significant portion of your day.

A Special Note to Hard-Core Gamers:

Do not judge, reward or punish yourself for your scores! Simply become aware of the quality of your life as you become more and more present.

Copyright 2008 Rob Gruber
Present Life Mastery Coach

Interested in being coached toward a life of Self-Mastery?
Email me at rob@iwishicouldtellyou.com!

5 responses to “Expansion – A Present Moment Exercise and Game

  1. Thank you Mer!

    I’m glad you like it. It really is a great tool to awaken your present moment barometer. You don’t have to do it every day for the rest of your lfe. Simply develop the skill of noticing and play the game whenever you feel you may be losing your affintiy for the present!

    in loving service to you,
    rob gruber

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