Reside in the Present!

If you were to ask a Realtor, “What are the three most important factors in determining the best place to live? He would reply without batting an eye, “location, location, location.”

Imagining the past, present and future as places you could reside, this tried and true answer could just as well be applied to the question of time.

Expanding on the Real Estate metaphor, the chart below highlights a few of the amenities you may consider important to you and where they can be found.

I realize a few of these factors will reference the past or future but the actual action or process takes place in the present.

So, where would you wish to reside?

Copyright 2008 Rob Gruber
Present Life Mastery Coach
i wish i could tell you

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6 responses to “Reside in the Present!

  1. Wow! What a great reminder of the tremendous VALUE of living in the present moment. It is value that never depreciates!

    Thanks for the concrete image that I can use to invite myself back to the present when I am feeling a little lost in the future or the past.

  2. I wish to reside in the present… i can not seem to get over the past and stop thinking of the future… you are right in these concepts… focus on the task at hand… how do you keep from getting distracted?

  3. i’m so glad you asked the question, “How do you keep from getting distracted?”

    in a nutshell and not necessarily in this order, 1) become aware you are not present, 2)practice simple present moment exercises like following your breath or listening to the surrounding sounds 3) realize you will get distracted from time to time and do not judge it or make any negative judgmets concering your distracion, simply notice you are somewhere else, and in your noticing, the present will slowly reveal itself to you once again like the dawn.

    rob gruber

  4. I’d be most pleased to reside in the present. I believe I could learn only so much from the past and if I invest commitment to my present, I may be bringing it to my future. 🙂

    Thank you for the clever reminder.

  5. absolutely! the more you reside in the present now the more likely your future will be filled with present moments as well.

    thank your comment and kudos to your blog and writing style.

    sincerely, rob gruber

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