Your Thoughts Are Like Snowflakes

“Your thoughts are like snowflakes, no two are the same.” – gruberism

Let me prove it to you. Have a thought, any thought. Now, think that thought again. Was it the same thought?

I would argue that it wasn’t. I would argue that you have created a copy of the original thought and that copy is not the original.

To make this even more clear. Try thinking that very same thought again.

Congratulations, you have just created a copy of the copy of the original thought.

The following is a visual of the process:

“Original Thought”
“Copy of “Original Thought””
“Copy of “Copy of “Original Thought”””
“Copy of “Copy of “Copy of “Original Thought””””

But why can’t they be he same?

The Source and Conditions are Constantly Changing.

  • Your original thought came from an original source and unique conditions.
  • The first copy of that thought came from the output of the original source and new conditions and not the original source or conditions.
  • The second copy came out of the first copy’s output, an entirely new source and set of conditions.

What seems like the same thought is simply similar. I call this line of thought, Thematic Thinking.

Thematic Thinking is powerful. It can lead you into a present state, along a road to a bright future or down a dead end.

Once you are aware of your nature/ability to think thematically, you can begin to make more powerful and conscious choices to create the life you wish.

Thematic Inquiries

What themes are running through my life right now?
Which themes have not been of service to me?
What themes would I rather have running through my life?
What themes would bring me the most joy in my life?

Thematic Journaling Exercise

1. At the top of a page, write down this question. “What themes would I like to have running through my life?”
2. Write anything and everything you could possibly wish to experience.
3. Stay on each thought until you feel you have exhausted the theme or are drawn to an even more fulfilling theme.
4. Do this for as long as you please.

Do you have a theme you wish to share?

Copyright 2008 Rob Gruber Present Life Mastery Coach

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