The Next Big Thing in Communication!

Your ability to effectively communicate is paramount, hence the birth of bottom lining, the ability to express yourself succinctly.

While much has been written on bottom lining, little has been written about the ability to express what you have heard succinctly.

I call this ability, Headlining. Much like an editor that reads an article to determine its headline, you can listen to the speaker and express what you have heard in the form of a head line.

Headlining is not only efficient but fulfilling.   You not only listen for the information being conveyed but for the meaning of the communication.

The irony of this technique is that once you begin to master it and truly connect with others words are often no longer needed.

A HeadLining Exercise

1. Carry on a conversation. (Begin practicing this with those you know well, until you’ve got a hang on it.)

2. Listen to them with every fiber of your being.

3. Share with them in as few words as possible what you feel they have shared with you.

4. Listen again for feedback to determine how well you headlined.

Copyright 2008 Rob Gruber Life Coach

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6 responses to “The Next Big Thing in Communication!

  1. Wasn’t it Abe Lincoln who gets credit for saying “I would have written you a shorter note if I had more time.” Writing and speaking briefly is a challenge…briefly and accurately, a far greater feat. I love the “headling” exercise. Terrific~

  2. I love that quote! My favorite Lincoln quote is, “If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.”

    I don’t think many people knew how articulate and funny Lincoln was. Thank you for sharing that one.


  3. Hey Rob,
    Irony indeed.
    The more we tune in, the less we need the words.
    The more we attend to our inner impressions,
    the clearer the words become.
    The clearer the words become,
    the more we see the light within them.
    Until someday, I suspect, it all fades to white,
    and we’re brought laughing to the mountaintop’s
    bracing sweep of the mind’s possibility.
    Thank you.

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