I Wish You Would Tell Everyone!

I’m often asked by my readers, “how can I help?”

I usually reply, “tell everyone!”

Here’s a few more ways you can show your support.

1.Click on the titles you really enjoy. This allows me to measure the effectiveness of each post, so that I can tailor the blog to your needs.

2.Comment on the post. I may not be able to respond to every comment but I do appreciate any and all feedback.

3.Share this blog and its post in a non-commercial way with those you love.

4.If you haven’t subscribed, subscribe by feed or email.

5.If commenting is too daunting, you can email me at rob@iwishicouldtellyou.com. I may not be able to respond but appreciate the feedback.

6.If you know of any non-commercial blogs out there that have similar intentions, feel free to direct me to them, so that I may add them to my blogroll.

7.Bookmark me. For those of you that use social bookmarks, please do so.

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber Co-Active Life and Wisdom Coach

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