Traveling at the Speed of Sight!

Change your speed, change your life!

Let’s face it. Most of us have a tendency to travel throughout our days at the same relative speed. At this relative speed, we see the same things we’ve always seen and process them in the same way we’ve always processed them. But what if we changed our speed from time to time. What if we stopped, slowed down and/or sped up? Could we dramatically change our lives?

I think so.

How did I come to this conclusion? Well, simply put, I had food poisoning. Something I wouldn’t wish on anyone but something that helped me understand that the speed at which I moved through my life affected how I saw things. And as my perception changed, so did my world.

A perfect example of this came somewhere in the middle of my recovery, when I was finally able to get up and take a walk outside. As I stepped outside for the first time in days, I saw a hummingbird out of the corner of my eye by the fruit tree outside my house. Without any reservation I mustered enough strength to slowly walk over to the tree and watch him. Before I knew it I was within arms length of him. I stood there for some time watching him gracefully extract nectar out of each blossom. When he was done he pulled slightly back from the tree, turned toward me, looked right into my eyes, hovered for a timeless moment, and then casually flew off.

Now here are a few questions:

Would I have been able to see or experience anything like this traveling at my normal speed?
Could I alter my speed throughout my day and get better results?
Could I travel at a speed more conducive to what matters most to me?
Am I controlling the speed of my life or am I letting other’s dictate my speed?
What speed brings me the most peace?
Is there a speed of least resistance?
Could I meet you at your speed?

What is your speed?

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber Life Coach i wish i could tell you


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