Visually Sculpt the Life You Want

I was recently working with a sculptor that wanted to drastically change how he created his art. No matter how hard he tried, he kept going back to his old way of doing things. During one of our conversations, he mentioned his concern that others would not be able to recognize his new works as his.

I remarked, “I think you might be afraid you won’t able to recognize them as yours.”

He smiled, laughed and said, “Maybe…maybe.”

From that day on, I had him imagine in great detail his art space filled with all the new pieces he had yet to sculpt, the colors, the sizes, the lighting, the lines of the pieces and the people that would come to purchase his work.

A week later he called to say, “I guess I just needed to “see” it with my own eyes in its entirety”

Visualization is a wonderful tool that can…

Open many doors and windows of creativity.
Nurture your budding desires.
Help you develop a knowing it can be done.
“Reinstill” your ability to create your life.

There are numerous books on visualization and numerous ways to visualize.

Here’s one way to visualize:

1) Determine what you wish to be, do, have or create.

2) Find a quiet place to sit or recline, close your eyes and find a comfortable breathing pattern.
3) Imagine each breath out is releasing tension and each breath in is filled with light.
4) Imagine yourself surrounded by light.
5) Now begin to create vibrant, positive and moving images that envelop you. Experience in the great detail what you want.
6) When you feel you have fully experienced what you came to experience allow yourself to be surrounded by light again.
7) Slowly focus back on your breathing, gently open your eyes and begin again to pursue that which you want.

When you can see it in your mind it’s no longer way out there and untouchable. It’s not so intimidating. You’ve been there and done that in your mind. It’s now possible and attainable. You simply have to take the necessary steps toward achieving it. If you’ve creating a compelling enough visualization then it’s just a matter of time.

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber

7 responses to “Visually Sculpt the Life You Want

  1. blog-cruising—>
    Only thing I find with visualisation is that sometimes your visualisation skills exceed your capability, so I think patience and dedication belong in there there too! Very true post though, interesting blog!

  2. I find that when I visualize something it is almost always because I cannot accept my reality as it is. Where does acceptance of the now come in here? Other wise visualization is nothing but fixing myself and my life.

  3. Thank you for the feedback. Don’t underestimate your capabilities. You may be selling yourself short.

    As far as patience and dedication are concerned, the stronger your visualization the greater your dedication and patience will be.

  4. Radiant woman. Thanks for your feedback.

    Acceptance of “what is” in the moment is key. “What is,” is. Not accepting what “is” is not living in the moment.

    Once you accept “what is.” You will be able to find your breath, release the tension in your body and begin to visaulize.

    When I visualize, I bring my whole present self with me. I do not visualize to escape or make this moment better, but to help me to work from where am I and proeject potential possibility. I find that I can sharpen my attetnion and intention through visualization.

    There is so much more to visaulzation and I will be covering those topics in future blogs. Thanks again for your feedback.

  5. Life sculpting is what I did through my darkest hour. I know the steps and how hard they are. I also know sometimes how easy it can be, depending on the place you are in. Thank you for sharing.

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