I’d rather “be here” than “right”!

I believe that the majority of us spend a great deal of our time and energy on convincing others that we are right. While this may sound like a wonderful thing, but our “need” to be right, is nothing more than a testament of who we were not who we are.

Who we are is in infinite. Who we were is finite.


Try having an argument without going into your past. You can’t. In order to argue, you must occasionally suspend reality, the here and now, and go back into your past to retrieve information to defend your position. While you are in the past retrieving those beliefs, you are not here. And when you are not here, you are missing out on own life, your life.


When we perceive resistance to our beliefs, we initiate a survival mechanism called the fight or flight response. This response, intended to protect ourselves from true danger, not our egos from some perceived threat, puts us in a defensive state, our heart beats faster, our breathing changes and our mind races. The more we desire to be right or feel our beliefs are threatened the more energy we expend. Unfortunately, the enormous energy expended is rarely commensurate with the illusive reward of being right.


The need to be right is a funny thing. It seems so real, so true. But is it? Do you really need to be right? Last time I checked, I didn’t. To me, need involves survival. What I am certain I need is food and water. I don’t even constantly need them. I could go days without food. If I don’t live on an island paradise, I may need shelter. After those three, I would rank the rest of the so-called needs as nice-to-haves, preferences and gifts.

We don’t need to be right. We simply need to be.


2 responses to “I’d rather “be here” than “right”!

  1. Right 🙂
    You are spot on. It reminds me of suspending my judgement, to be able also to say: I don’t know. To release all those opinions that pop into my mind and then to leave them unspoken. And to be with someone without all those cover ups.

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