See Outside the Box

Stop living in a two-dimensional world. See past the obvious. Broaden your horizons. See outside your box.

This present moment exercise, which can be performed almost anywhere, will help you increase your sensory awareness and focus and reduce your stress and anxiety.

Present Moment Spatial Awareness Exercise.

1) Closes your eyes if you can. If you can’t, focus on something that is within arm’s reach.
2) Find a comfortable breathing pattern. (You may lose focus of this first object while you find a comfortable breathing pattern, but that’s OK.
3) Gently open you eyes and/or begin focusing on something a little bit further away from you.
4) Once you feel you have truly seen that object, focus on something a little bit further away that has caught your eye. Look at it. Watch it. Follow it if it moves.
5) Now focus on something a bit further away.
6) Do this, again and again, until you have reached the horizon or the point at which you can see no further.
7) Once you have reached that point, work your way back to you focusing on different objects along the way.

Once you are good at this, try focusing on different planes, shapes, angles and/or colors.

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber


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