Shred your Past (Thoughts) Now!

Shredding – the technique of destroying unwanted thoughts or experiences with the intent of letting them go and never experiencing them again.

The shredding technique is simple.

1) Write down a single thought or memory you wish to let go on a single piece of paper.
2) Shred the document. I use a paper shredder.
3) Immediately remove the shredded document from your living space by taking it outside and putting it in the trash.
4) If you have more than one thought or memory you wish to let go, continue the process until you you are finished, removing all the shredded items at the same time.

NOTE: Often times, I will say something while I am shredding the document, like “This thought no longer serves me,” or “Goodbye and good riddance.”

If you don’t have a paper shredder you could use a scissors, your hands or a paper cutter.

Another way to rid let go of your past is to submit to iwishicouldtellyou!

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber i wish i could tell you


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