Instant Karma just add water!

Instant Karma or Present Moment Karma is the understanding that every present moment has a cause and effect all it’s own.

Instant Karma goes like this:

  1. I have a thought. I call this “Precause.” “Precause” generates it’s own effect.
  2. I take action. Action is a cause. Pure cause generates it’s own effect.
  3. A Reaction occurs, which is another cause. This reaction generates it’s own effect.

Here are 2 examples.

The man who steals:

  1. He wants something he doesn’t believe he can acquire on his own. This thought has a negative effect on him, a belief in scarcity perhaps or his ability.
  2. He steals what he wants and confirms his belief that he is unable to have what he wants without stealing. (an effect)
  3. He lives the rest of his life believing he has to steal to get what he wanted.

The man who believes anything is possible:

  1. He wants something he believes he can achieve. This thought has a positive effect on him. A desire, dream or goal is created.
  2. He manifests what he wants on his own accord by taking action toward his goal and accomplishing it.
  3. He lives the rest of his life knowing any and all things all possible.

Think about it.

Loving thoughts are felt before they create loving moments. Anger builds before released. Rage begets more rage. Judgment binds parties to past ideologies. Control stops growth or change. A need to be right is a need to make someone else wrong. Forgiveness frees you. Hope has a future. Joy has no limit. Peace sees clearly.

You create your world anew in each and every moment.

The effect is instantaneous.

The choice is yours.

Copyright 2007 Rob Gruber i wish i could tell you


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