“It’s the journal not the dissertation.”

Journaling 102 – Placing Your Focus – STAGE 2

The second present moment journal exercise I would like you to do involves focusing on an external object that interests you in a public place you feel comfortable in.

The goal of this journal exercise is to increase your ability to focus (stay present) in an external environment.

1) Go to a public place you enjoy, somewhere where you can sit and not be bothered for 10 to 30 minutes, like a park, an art museum, a café with music, a mall or a bookstore.

2) Pick one thing in that space that you find interesting and journal on it. It can be a tree, a painting, a cup of coffee, a chair or anything that will be in your presence for the allotted time period.

3) Keep your focus on that object, and that object only. Use as many of your senses as you are able.

4) Write in great detail everything about your object. Paint a picture in words. Focus. Write. Focus. If you stray, write your stray thoughts, but return as soon as you can, back to the object you are focusing on.

5) Do not judge what you are writing. Simply write.

6) When your time is up, stop, close your book, and go about your day.

7) Do this regularly to increase your ability to stay focused, present, in an external environment.

Copyright 2006 Rob Gruber


One response to ““It’s the journal not the dissertation.”

  1. Great excercise! The art made like this is good. The feeling to focus increases in an busy environment, I don’t really know why, but it does. When I make things with paint or paper, I have 2 kids around at home. They play in the room, noisy, and come looking at what Mum is doing. They join in most of the time, it draws them to me. And then we have so much fun creating together.
    Just got an idea to post on that, thanks for this blog, I put you on the blogroll!

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