“Your past is last year’s pink.”

“Your past is last year’s pink!” – gruberism # 186


This simple exercise can also be applied to the thoughts in your life.

Begin by imagining what you would like your closet to look like.

Now get rid of anything you know doesn’t fit, is faded, has holes, is out dated, anything that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.

Next, try on those things you are unsure of and ask yourself, “Does this make me feel good about myself?” If it makes you feel good about yourself, keep it. If it doesn’t, let it go.

Now take a second to imagine, once again, with great feeling and detail, the next wonderful thing you desire to wear and to have in your closet.

And finally give yourself permission to go out, find and purchase that special outfit that makes you feel absolutely beautiful, and then wear it out, as soon as possible, with someone that makes you feel good about yourself.

Never completely fill your closet, always a leave a little room for the next wonderfully imagined thing.

Do this exercise on a regular basis. You will find that you will soon have the closet you’ve always imagined.

Copyright 2006 Rob Gruber


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