Good Vibrations – The Doppler Effect and You

Have you ever been to a race track and noticed that the sound of the cars coming your way slowly builds and builds, reaching an incredibly loud sound only to fall off dramatically as they leave.

In fact, the sound of the car approaching you is louder to you than the sound of the car leaving you at equal distances from you.

So how does this happen? The sound made by the car is sent out like a ripple in the water, equal in all directions. But when the car moves forward, the sound waves from the car get closer to each other in the direction of the motion, increasing their frequency and sound, while the waves behind the object get farther and farther apart, decreasing their frequency and sound sharply.

This effect is known as the Doppler effect.

So what does this have to do with me?

1) We all have vibrations we emit out into the universe.
2) Our vibrations are be felt by others.
3) Our vibrations can be positive or negative.
4) These vibrations can determine how others perceive us, receive us, and regard us.

So if you are emitting negative vibrations, you will be perceived as negative, and more so as you approach them.

If you emit positive vibrations, you will perceived by others as very positive. You would be received warmly by all and missed by all as your positive vibrations fell off as you left.

So know that –

A positive vibration, no matter how small, can build into an enormous positve expression.

A negative vibration, no matter how small, can build into an enormous negative expression.

Imagine what the smallest of positive vibrations could do for you and others.

The smallest of thoughts/vibrations you create can effect the way people perceive you, receive you and in the end regard you.

Copyright 2006 Rob Gruber


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